For the first time in Europe

Retail Beyond

15th October 2020
in partnership with
DSCI New York

The Challenge

The current transformation of the Digital Supply Chain is a huge challenge for all companies. Digital reality brings new standards and technologies that will inevitably change the way we do business, shop and live our everyday lives.

The identified challenges are further highlighted by the global COVID-19 virus pandemic. Current global market conditions, more than ever before, require from companies to apply digital innovation and transform traditional business models.

With a 30-year history of creating innovations and technologically complex solutions, LANACO has proven its expertise globally and has become a member of the a Digital Supply Chain Institute.

Celebrating thirty years of existence, LANACO brings to Europe for the first time an event called "Retail Beyond Digital", which is realized in partnership with the Digital Supply Chain Institute from New York.

Conference participants will have the opportunity to get acquainted with current topics that affect the direction, dynamics and structure of digital supply chain change from the leaders of globally successful companies, members of the Digital Supply Chain Institute.

Retail Beyond Digital - Agenda
Significance of data in supply chain system
Dragan Ninić, Head Of Business Development Group, LANACO
Vision of the Digital Supply Chain in the Balkans
Marko Kovačević, CEO of Signet World
Future of (Digital) Supply Chain
George Bailey, Executive Director at Digital Supply Chain Institute
Sugathri Kolluru, Emerging Technologies Manager at Digital Supply Chain Institute
Dean Hopkins, VP Global Revenue Planning at Under Armour
Craig Moss, Content & Tools Director at the Cyber Readiness Institute
Panel discussion - Building supply chains of the future
Lucas Sharer, COO, Chain IQ
Ilya Levtov, CEO,
Ryan Fisher, Partner, Bain & Company
moderator: Chris Cane
End of conference

Session 1: Future of (Digital) Supply Chains

As the world gets more connected, digital and complex, the customers are transformed as well, and with them the role of supply chain. Many industry leaders believe enterprise supply chains could be the most important transformation for companies over the next five years. In this session, world leading digital supply chain experts will talk why current supply chains do not match the requirements of today's market, and what companies need to do to reduce this gap.

The special emphasis will be on two components:

  1. New approach to data management, by focusing on small data and going into data-trading with our suppliers and customers
  2. The role of emerging technologies in building supply chains of the future.


Session 2: Building supply chains of the future

Digital transformation is a must, but its definition varies across different processes, geographies and industries. Executives around the world are constantly juggling by trying to build future-proof solutions, while not falling for common technology hype.

Fueled by emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and the Internet of Things (IoT), companies around the world are increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of their supply chains in order to increase customer satisfaction.

In this session, we will focus on how leading global companies are doing this and what are the new trends they are noticing and what is the role of technology in nearshoring plans or building resilience.

Moderator: Chris Caine


Dragan Ninić

Head Of Business Development Group, LANACO

Dragan Ninic has over 12 years of experience in the field of Information Systems Development.

The way to success in LANACO started in 2006, creating software solutions. Following the development of IT industry, Dragan participates in the introduction of ISO standards in the company, writes and implements projects of great importance for IT development.

He is currently working as a Business Development Manager and he is a member of the Management Board of LANACO. Since 2016 he has been a representative of LANACO in the ELITE programme of the London Stock Exchange.

George Bailey

Executive Director at Digital Supply Chain Institute

George Bailey is the Executive Director & Chief Research Officer of the CGE’s Digital Supply Chain Institute (DSCI). He is on the Advisory Board of Lockheed Martin and the American Productivity and Quality Center. He is also the Executive Professor of Digital Innovation and Management at Pepperdine University and the Chairman of the Jackson Hole Ocean Sailing Team; a not-for-profit that teaches kids how to sail and compete on the water and in life. George was the CEO of DIVA Networks, an Internet application development firm.

Sugathri Kolluru

Sugathri Kolluru

Emerging Technologies Manager at Digital Supply Chain Institute

Sugathri Kolluru is a Manager, Emerging Technologies at the Digital Supply Chain Institute(DSCI) . For the past three years, her primary focus at DSCI has been exploring the effectiveness of emerging technologies such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, IoT in supply chain digitization. She has been instrumental in managing several Proof of Values, leading cross-functional teams for organizations in various sectors such as consumer goods, shipping, telecom etc.

Dean Hopkins

Dean Hopkins

VP Global Revenue Planning at Under Armour

Throughout her 15-year career with Under Armour, Dean has held various roles within Planning and Operations. As the company's business strategy has evolved from a focus on rapid growth to simplification, speed, and profitability, Dean has made continuous improvements to Demand and Supply Planning process and enhancements to data and systems. In her current role, Dean leads the Global Demand Planning function with the responsibility of projecting future demand of over 7,000 products across multiple distribution channels within 75 countries. Additionally, she leads the global ES&OP process, ensuring cross-functional alignment, timely, data-driven decisions, and the fulfillment of consumer demand through an efficient supply chain. She is incorporating late-breaking technologies and advanced analytics to drive more accurate forecasts, to yield more efficient work processes, and most importantly, to delight Under Armour’s consumers globally.

Marko Kovačević

Marko Kovačević

CEO of Signet World

Marko Kovacevic takes business vision and makes it a reality through sound strategy development and execution. He intuitively sees the interconnectivity of opportunities that run through an organization, brings them together into a coherent whole, encourages others to extend their critical thinking, and drives material business advantage.

Ryan Fisher

Ryan Fisher

Partner, Bain & Company

Ryan is a partner in Bain’s Retail and Performance Improvement practices. Ryan works with clients across supply chain topics, with a focus on new fulfillment models and adapting the supply chain to future consumer dynamics.

Chris Caine

Chris Caine

Center of Global Enterprise

Christopher G. Caine is President of the Center for Global Enterprise, a New York based non-profit organization dedicated to the study of the contemporary corporation in the era of global economic integration. He is also President & CEO of Mercator XXI, LLC (, a professional services firm helping clients engage the global economy.